As a major figure in fantastic cinema, Paul Naschy has had much written about him in books, magazines and fan publications. He is also the author of two books (as Paul Naschy), one of which is an autobiography, and has written prologues for others. Earlier in his life, he wrote of a series of pulp-like paperback adventures for the Spanish market under the pseudonym Jack Mills. This goal of this page is to offer publication data on all these works. Currently the bibliography is by no means complete. Any additions or corrections should be send to the webmaster at



By Jacinto Molina (as Jack Mills):

[Note: These are paperback novels published in Spain, possibly in the late 1950s; publication data for these is minimal, they may have been published by Editorial Rollan, and most, if not all, are in the Western genre.]

Yo se que ganards

Dale la mano al diable

La muerte te acompana

La ultima pistola

By Jacinto Molina (as Paul Naschy):

Cronicas de las tinieblas. Series of articles on real and imagined monsters and psychos.

Memorias de un hombre lobo. Madrid, 1997. 304 pages. Major autobiography from the man himself; profusely illustrated with photos.

Memoirs of a Wolfman. United States, 2000. Midnight Marquee Press. Translation of Naschy autobiography by Mike Hodges. Contains extra chapter specifically written for the American edition.


Other books

Cine de terror y Paul Naschy. Juan Jose Porto.  Madrid: Editorial Madrid, 1974. 145 pages.  Most of this slim book is devoted to the horror cinema, with overviews on vampire films, zombie films, etc.  The last portion deals with Naschy but not in any great depth.  In Spanish, of course.

Werewolf vs. The Vampire Woman.  Arthur Scramm.  Hartford Guild.  Yes, there was a novelization of a Naschy wolf man flick!  In paperback.  In English!  Unbelievable!

Paul Naschy: 25 anos de cine/Paul Naschy: El ciclo de la luna llena. 1993. Ignacio Armada and Guzman Urrero.

Paul Naschy. Olivier Billiottet. Monster Bis Collection. France, 1996. 168 pages. Simply produced but packed with information and Xerox-type repros of stills and rare pressbook material.

Paul Naschy. Fernando Alonso Barahona. 130 pages, 13 photos, 1998. Ediciones Cinema Novo CRL para Fantasporto, Rua da Constituicao 311, 4200 Porto (Portugal)



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Shane Dallmann, "Paul Naschy: The Unreleased Titles," Blood Times, vol.2, no.1, 1992. . Four pages of video reviews of Naschy films as yet unreleased in the United States. Another winner from Dallmann. (Copies may still be available from Louis Paul, Blood Times, P.O. Box 3340, Steinway Station, Long Island City, NY 11103)

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Bob Sargent, Michael Secula, Jose Luis Gonzalez, "Paul Naschy: Special Double Issue," Videooze, no.6-7, 1994. An absolute must-have for any Naschy fan. Double-issue contains complete filmography with Naschy commenting on each film. Includes interview and great stills. (Copies still available from Bob Sargent, Videooze, P.O. Box 9911, Alexandria, VA 22304. $9 postpaid/$11 foreign postpaid.)

David Smith, "Paul Naschy and the Saga of Waldemar Daninsky," Midnight Marquee, no. 48, 1995. Major article on the early Daninsky films, with a particular focus on Naschy's first film, LA MARCA DEL HOMBRE LOBO; excellent research by Smith; includes interview with Sam Sherman, who imported LA MARCA and turned it into FRANKENSTEIN'S BLOODY TERROR.

Trevor Barley, "EuroFest '94: El Returno Del Hombre Lobo, Paul Naschy," Cold Sweat, no. 10, 1994. Very nice article on the EuroFest that Naschy attended, including behind-the-scenes look at Naschy and a brief Q & A session with Naschy at the convention.

Paul J. Brown, "Barking Mad," Uncut, no.1, 1996. Basic interview with Naschy with some nice stills. Includes filmography. But why, oh why, does someone who doesn't care for Naschy (Nigel Burrell, that is) review his films in this zine? (Available from Midnight Media, The Barn, Upton Lodge, Hamerton Road, Upton, Cambs, PE17 5YA, England. They also sell a host of other spectacular horror-related publications.)

Gian Luca Castoldi, "Jacinto Molina: Un Uomo Chiamato Paul Naschy," Amarcord, no. 1, Feb-Mar. 1996. Article and interview with Naschy. [In Italian, but we'll try to get a translation, at least of the interview.]

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