Cast: Imanol Arias, Assumpta Serna, Paul Naschy, Patxi Andion, Jose Manuel Cervino, Isabel Serrano, Jose Coronado, Pedro Diez del Corral, Ana Duato, Arturo Querejeta, Emma Ozores, Juan Calot, Enrique Simon, Pedro Civera, Jose Vivo
Director: Pedro Maso
Screenplay: Juan Madrid, Pedro Maso
Photography: Alejandro Ulloa
Music: Anton Garcia Abril

Running time: 54 minutes
Spanish TV series

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Partial summary (provided by Mike Hodges): Inspector Flores of the Madrid "Brigada Central" is seconded to aid his colleagues in Barcelona when the wives of a group of police inspectors are being murdered by a mystery gunman. The re-encounter with old colleagues leads to tensions and rivalries (especially as one of the unsatisfied wives makes a play of Flores), and there are a couple of token red herrings. It turns out that the killer is Chaves (Naschy), a corrupt copper who then years previously had covered up a series of bank robberies in exchange for a share of the loot. When he was arrested (by Flores and Co.), his wife was killed in the ensuing shoot-out. Now freed after doing "porridge," Chaves employs Drake, a private eye to locate the wives of those responsible for his arrest. But Flores' wife is hiding out in Palma de Mallorca, and Drake demands more money to reveal her whereabouts. "Do you think I'm a complete asshole?" demands Chaves. "No," replies Drake, "I think you're worse than that. I think you're a worthless piece of shit." You can see for yourself how Chaves takes that!

Review: Well, Chaves doesn't take to kindly to being called "a worthless piece of shit," that's for sure! This is an above-average police melodrama which features two noteworthy components for euro-horror fans: Paul Naschy, of course, and the espaniol-flavored music of Anton Garcia Abril (a big name in Spanish film-composing who scored a couple of Naschy's films and many a Amando de Ossorio classic). Naschy looks great, particularly in his first scene, where he is wearing a tight shirt and revealing his weightlifting torso, and he does a good job throughout of portraying a vengeance-seeking killer. This film is available from a minority of Naschy collectors on dupes made from Spanish TV.