Cast: Paul Naschy (Marcus Agrippa), Daniel Barry (Corocota), Blanca Estrada (Corocota's wife), Veronica Miriel, Julia Saly (Selenia), Andres Resino, Alfredo Mayo, Francisco Brana, Antonio Iranzo, Ricardo Palacios, Luis Ciges, Manuel Pereiro, Antonio Mayans, Jose Marco, Mariano Vidal
Director: Jacinto Molina
Producer: Jose Monge (Spain)
Screenplay: Jacinto Molina
Photography: Alejandro Ulloa
Music: Angel Arteaga
Running time:
100 min.



Notes: Amando de Ossorio was scheduled to direct this film, but when he became unavailable, Paul Naschy came in, wrote a new script and directed. Unfortunately, this film, a rare peplum/historical drama for Naschy, was not a success and no English-dubbed or subtitled version is known to exist.