Cast: Paul Naschy, Francesc Xavier Capell, Silvia Escuder, Xavier Serrat, Elisa Vidal
Director: Francesc Xavier Capell
Screenplay: Francesc Xavier Capell
Photography: Francesc Xavier Capell
Camera: Lluis Milara
Editor: Francesc Xavier Capell
Special Effects: Estudio F.X. Capell
Sound: Carles Teruel, Jordi Monros
Production Company: F.X.C. (Spain)

Running time: 73 min.

Eastmancolor, Agfa Gevaert

Plot (from publicity): The genetic engineering experiments of a female scientist have converted Xavi into a kind of Frankenstein's monster without physical defects: an apparently normal young man poised to take the 21st century by storm.

Video: No US video release