Cast: Juan Luis Gallardo (Julen), Paul Naschy (Pocholo), Antonio Isbert (Axter), Jose Antonio Ceinos (Jon), Julia Saly (Maria), Andres Isbert, Juan Maria (Carrero Blanco)
Director: Jose Luis Madrid
Producer: Servi Films (Madrid)
Screenplay: Jose Luis Madrid, Rogelio Bahon
Photography: Enrique Salete
Music: Angel Arteaga
Running time:
101 min.

U.S. release title: No US release

Video: No known US video release; bootleg available



Notes: Jose Luis Madrid directed Naschy in two previous films--JACK, EL DESTRIPADOR DE LONDRES/JACK THE RIPPER OF LONDON (1971) and  LOS CRIMENES DE PETIOT /THE CRIMES OF PETIOT (1972). This film, based upon fact, concerns the 1973 assassination of Carrero Blanco, then the president of the Spanish government and Franco's right hand man, by four Basque anarchists. The poster to the right depicts the actual event when the car containing Blanco was literally blown upwards and thrown 35 meters into the air to land inside the patio of a neighboring building.