Cast: Paul Naschy, Eladio Sanchez
Director: Alfonso S. Suarez
Producer: Alfonso S. Suarez
Screenplay: Alfonso S. Suarez (inspired by the classic Edgar Allan Poe story)
Photography: Gregorio Torre
Music: Juan Carlos Casimiro
Running time: 10 min.

Black & white (shot on beta tape); Spanish language, English subtitles.

Review: One night a man (played by Paul Naschy) arrives at the mansion of his older brother (Eladio Sanchez). This man, we learn, has just emerged from a mental institution. Apparently he is fine, but as the evening progresses, we find out that he is not cured and in fact has escaped from the institution to seek vengeance because he just wants "to rest."

Alfonso S. Suarez's short film provides another choice role for Paul Naschy, who delights in this performance of sinister glances, maniacal smirks, ironic elocutions and eyes twinkling with the barely concealed madness of an unstable mind. It is a perfect role for Naschy, who, in his later years, has developed even more as an actor with the effective facial gestures of a master Wagnerian interpreter and skilled thespian. Suarez frames his story well, properly concentrating on Naschy while encasing the whole with atmospheric touches and a few quite modern directing effects, and the film comes off, in a most complementary way, as an ersatz mini episode of Twilight Zone. The surprisingly rich musical score by Juan Carlos Casimiro also makes its impact. The only regret with this fine short film is that it leaves the viewer wanting to see a full length movie with Naschy in the leading role. He is that good, and it is a shame that his talent, ripened perfectly now in its maturity, is not being used more often.

This film is available on video (NTSC and PAL format) from the director. Inquiries should be sent to verite@mixmail.com.