Cast: Jeffrey Hunter (Jesus Christ), Hurd Hatfield (Pontius Pilate), Robert Ryan (John the Baptist), Harry Guardino (Barabbas), Guy Rolfe (Caiphe), Siobhan McKenna (Mary), Gerard Tichy (Joseph), Rip Torn (Judas) and many more--a cast of thousands!
Director: Nicolas Ray
Producer: Samuel Bronston Productions (USA/Spain), Jaime Prades Producciones (Spain)
Screenplay: Philip Yordan
Photography: Milton Krasner, Franz Planer, Manuel Berenguer
Music: Miklos Rozsa
Running time:
160 min.

Technirama 70mm, Technicolor

Spanish title: REY DE REYES

Notes: This was Naschy's first film, before he became Paul Naschy and was working as Jacinto Molina, film extra. Naschy appears in several parts of the film apparently, but is most evident in the background as an Egyptian servant in the Salome dance scene with Pontius Pilate (Hurd Hatfield) nearby. Jacinto would work with some of the Spanish co-stars (Gerard Tichy, Jose Nieto, etc.) in the future when he was Paul Naschy, horror movie star. The film is, in fact, filled with many Spanish actors now familiar to euro-cult film fans, including Aldo Sambrell and Antonio Mayans. Co-producer Jaime Prades produced Naschy's LOS MONSTRUOS DEL TERROR in 1971.

The score by Miklos Rozsa is amazing, and Jeffrey Hunter plays the sweetest Christ ever represented on the screen. For those brought up as Christians, a very moving film. Impressive film in its 70mm ratio.

DVD NTSC Availability: A beautiful scoped presentation from Warner Brothers.