Theatrical Production


Cast: Paul Naschy (Dorian Gray's portrait)), Jose Ciria (Dorian Gray), Angel Savin (the portrait's shadow), Denise Perdikidis (servant)
Director: Adolfo Simon
Producer: David Sanchez
Playwright: Jose Ramon Fernandez

On the 10th of December, 2002, Paul Naschy reached new and unexpected heights in his already impressive career by appearing in his first theatrical show, LAS MUJERES FRAGANTES, a reworking by playwright Jose Ramon Fernandez of Oscar Wilde's THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY. In the play, Naschy portrays Dorian Gray's portrait and Jose Ciria takes on the role of the younger "real-life" Gray. This fascinating set-up results in soul-searching monologues between two actors (Naschy and Jose Ciria) who are the same person, and explorations of inner demons and spiritual nightmares that are central to all of humanity. For Naschy, who has always acted in front of the camera, this role was a considerable challenge because of the different dynamics in preparing for and giving a live performance. Once again, the legend has surprised us.