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Cast: Paul Naschy (Marcos), Carmen Sevilla, Henry Gregor, Julia Saly, Pedro-Maria Sanchez, Fernando Hilbeck, Eva Leon, Francisco Brana, Francisco Nieto, Mabel Escano
Director: Leon Klimovsky
Producer: Enrique Gonzalez Macho
Jacinto Molina
Photography: Miguel F. Mila
Set Design: Cruz Beleztena
Production Company: Gregor PC (Spain)
Running time: 84 min.


U.S. release title: No known US release

Video: No known US video release; bootleg available

Note: Grego worked with Naschy in several films, first as an assistant and later as producer and actor of two films Naschy appeared in. His book, PRINCE & PLAYS, is a rare look at this individual and film producer.



Review: While not as accomplished nor as well-budgeted as Naschy's other "stranger in a lonely house" movies (THE BLUE EYES OF THE BROKEN DOLL and THE CARNIVAL OF THE BEASTS), this Klimovsky-directed film is not without interest. Naschy plays Marcos, a criminal who takes refuge in a house peopled by a wheelchair-bound, impotent man and his horny wife and daughter. Before long Marcos is pitting one family member against the other as he pleasures himself with the females. Marcos' immorality is caused by his own family tragedy, the murder of his mother by his father, which he witnessed when a child. He is a man who out of psychological necessity must debase the family unit and rage at anyone who says a bad word about his deceased mom. Marcos also lost his hearing during this traumatic incident in his childhood (the father hits him in the head before he does the deed), so besides the emotional scars left on Marcos, there is a physical one. Thus Naschy creates a novel villain who carries a framed photo of mom in his suitcase and wears a hearing device in his ear. Besides which, Naschy has never looked better--lean, tight, even handsome in an Elvis Presley sort of way, if you can believe it.

-- Mirek