Upon Frayed Lips of Silence
Necrophagia Music Video


Cast: Necrophagia, Paul Naschy 
Director: Jose Moral

Notes: According to Naschy this is the first time he has "1) appeared in a music video, 2) shot anything in Valencia, 3) and kissed a gas mask."

The Naschy video will be part of a DVD featuring the band Necrophagia and Dario Argento, Alex Chandon, Jim Van Bebber, Gunnar Hansen, Josť Mojica Marins aka Coffin Joe, Mike Mendez and Bob Murobski

Director's websites:
www.cine.ciberanika.com/estigmas www.quintadimension.com/cortometrajes/estigm
Necrophagia website:

Watch the video on YouTube.com!


Naschy and director Jose Moral


Another shot of director and the legend


Naschy and the gas mask. We should be so lucky.


Director Moral giving guidance


Naschy lords over all


Didn't Coffin Joe use these in the other video?


Naschy giving it his all



The star and his director sitting on their thrones



She would be perfect in the Lower East Side


And her, too!


Thank you to Jose Moral for these great photos!