Cast: Alberto Closas, Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez, Julia Gutierrez Caba, Carmen Sevilla, Laly Soldevilla, Manuel Aleixandre, Augusto Alguero, Jacinto Molina (the future Paul Naschy; uncredited)
Director: Pedro Lazaga
Screenplay: Pedro Maso, Rafael Salvia, Vicente Coello, Joaquin Pelaez
Photography: Juan Marine

Music: Anton Garcia Abril
Production Company:
Pedro Maso P.C.-Filmayer Produccion (Spain)

Running time: 91 min.

Notes: Pleasant, sweet movie of a group of children who, as an award for personal heroism or good works, get to travel throughout Spain and abroad. Naschy worked behind the scenes in this movie, and appears briefly as an extra, being most evident in the film's opening credits walking next to one of the selected children. He also appears (masked) in a hospital scene playing a physician. Film composer Anton Garcia Abril would later score several classic Spanish horror films, including Klimovsky's LA NOCHE DE WALPURGIS (Naschy's fifth Waldemar Daninsky movie, known in the US as THE WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMAN) and De Ossorio's Blind Dead films.

Video: No US video release; NTSC conversion dupe available of Spanish video release (Visual Ediciones, DC 16, VHS, 1995)


Cover of Spanish video (Visual Ediciones)

Above: A masked Naschy in the hospital scene from OPERACION PLUS ULTRA