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Cast: Javier Escriba, Antonio Vilar, Luis Prendes, Maria Mahor, Luis Morris, Katia Loritz, Jacinto Molina (uncredited)
Director: Luis Lucia
Screenplay: Jose R. Boeta, Vincente Escriba (based on the famous play by Pedro Calderón de la Barca)
Photography: Alejandro Ulloa
Music: Cristobal Halfter
Production Company: Euro (Spain)

Running time: 103 min.

American television presentation: KING OF THE VIKINGS. I don't have confirmation about a television showing in 1964, but I have several for 1965 and, of course, thereafter..


Notes: Naschy (at the time still using his real name, Jacinto Molina) plays a Mongol chief in this Spanish historical epic. It is on this film that Naschy met cinematographer Alejandro Ulloa, who would later photograph several of Naschy's best self-directed films, including EL RETORNO DEL HOMBRE LOBO. Various edits changed the original Polish men to Vikings, perhaps insipired by the international success of Kirk Douglas' THE VIKINGS film. The film was screened in 1960, before Naschy's first film, KING OF KINGS, which was finally premiered the following year, in 1961.


From The Tampa Times, Saturday, July 17th, 1965: