(English title: CURSE OF THE DEVIL)


Director: Carlos Aured
Producer: Francisco Sanchez
Screenplay: Jacinto Molina (Paul Naschy)
Music: Angel Arteaga
Cast: Paul Naschy (Waldemar Daninsky), Fabiola Falcon, Vidal Molina, Maritza Olivares, Jose Manuel Martin, Maria Silva, Eduardo Calvo, Elsa Zabala, Ana Farra, Ines Morales, Santiago Ribero, Eduardo Bea, Jose Yepes, Pilar Vega.

Filmed in Eastmancolor and Panoramica
Running time: 81 min.




Review: The English title more accurately describes what takes place in the film, since it deals with the Daninsky line being cursed by a vengeance-seeking witch.  The visitation of Satan at a Sabbath in the early part of the film includes what one presumes are oral and anal scenes, staged carefully, of course, but still sexually exciting. (Boy, movie Sabbaths can be fun!).  Waldemar Daninsky turns out to be a man with a romantic penchant, easily falling in love, and subsequently doomed by a woman who has been set up to initiate the curse.  But while open sex destroys one, true love can save temporarily, even if that salvation is in death.  Two sisters vie for Daninsky's attentions.  The sexy little one seduces Daninsky, only to regret her skills when he turns into a werewolf during lovemaking.  There is something rather prudish about the other sister Daninsky ultimately winds up with, so perhaps Naschy the screenwriter is saying that lusty women can only be devil worshipers or nymphomaniacs.  More to the point, however, would be a statement about good women being those who care for the man they love rather than those who use a man for sexual gratification.  Phil Hardy might bitch about this, I don't.  El Retorno de Walpurgis is another of Naschy's simple romantic tragedies, and another solid entry in the Daninsky canon.  [Source print: Gemstone Entertainment/United American Video, SLP speed. About 81 min. A fuller foreign print supposedly exists, but it isn't the Dutch tape making the rounds at some private video companies. See below.]


A Dutch pre-record from Empire Video has been duped by several American video enterprises and purports to be a more complete cut of El Retorno de Walpurgis than previously available. It isn't. Not only does the transfer from the PAL system murky up the print, but there's Dutch subtitling all over the place. Because of this, the far cheaper video from United American, even on SLP speed, is preferable by a wide margin (and it widescreens the titles, too!). A couple of minor differences also highlight the preferability of the United American tape: it begins immediately at the first frame, while the Dutch print cuts out the original "Atlas International Presents" logo; the Dutch print also freeze-frames "The Curse of the Devil" title, which is in red, unlike the smooth running white title of the United American print.


British Alpha Video US video Dutch Empire Video