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Cast: Maria Jose Cantudo, Paul Naschy, Maximo Valverde, Luis Prendes, Teresa Gimpera, Tony Isbert, Gemma Cuervo, Manuel Torremocha, Luis Induni, Maria Luisa Ponte
Director: Leon Klimovsky
Screenplay: Jacinto Molina, Antonio Fos
Photography: Miguel F. Mila
Editor: Jose Luis Matesanz
Music: Phonorecord
Production Company: Azor Films (Spain)

Running time: 85 min.


U.S. release title: No US release

Video: No known US video release; bootleg available





Notes: Naschy plays a member of a kidnapping gang in a story inspired by the famous Patricia Hearst case. The frightened and psychologically traumatized kidnapped woman, played by Maria Jose Cantudo, succumbs to the "Stockholm Syndrome," in which the victimized become sympathetic to the victimizer. The Naschy character, more humane than the other members of his gang, becomes the recipient of her affections. One of the rarest of Naschy films.