Cast: Paul Naschy, Luis Barbero, Maru Valdivielso, Jose Maria Cafarell, Tomas Zori, Inaqui Miramon, Carmelo Espinosa
Director: Escuadra Cobra (Santiago Aguilar, Luis Guridi, Raul Barbe)
Script: Escuadra Cobra
Photograpy: Flavio Martinez
Music: "Big Girls Don't Cry" - Four Seasons

Fujicolor; 35 mm
Running time: 12 minutes

Short film

No poster available

This is a short film directed by a filmmaker's co-op called "Escuadra Cobra" (Cobra Squad). The three directors are Santiago Aguilar, Luis Guridi, and Raul Barbe. SHH refers to the sound one makes to warn someone to be quiet.

Summary (provided by Carlos Martinez Diez): This film is about a secret lodge in which the members, who know the secret of levitation, wear capuchins all the time. They discover a traitor in their midst. In a genuinely surrealistic scene they follow the traitor to the cornices of a house, and the traitor falls and dies against the pavement. The lodge members discover that "he" is actually a woman. Absurd but funny, and filmed without a lot of money. Naschy is, of course, one of the members. You can only see his face when the film ends and a "voice-over" introduces the actors and they pull their capuchins off. Nothing more. The actors are all veterans with only one young, but well-known actor among them.

[According to Carlos, this film played on Spanish TV in a special featuring short films. This is undoubtedly where any dupes of this film have come from. Carlos informs us that Naschy's short films, like SHH, are only available at a particular film library, where authorizations are needed to see any film. Copying is not permitted. A noteworthy project would be to get permission to assemble several of Naschy's short films and release them on video/dvd. We need to see nice copies of these little treats!]