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Director: Ramon Barco
Screenplay: Ramon Barco, Juan Jose Porto
Photography: Emilio Foriscot
Music: Angel Arteaga
Cast: Paul Naschy, Maximo Valverde, Rene D'Grie, Maria Mahor, Mirta Miller, Blanca Estrada

Time: 82 minutes

DVD Availability: Bootleg

Blu-Ray: None




One of the ads in the Spanish pressbook.

REVIEW: One of the least seen of Paul Naschy's films, this film was the first time that Naschy took the director's chair when Ramon Barco was arrested temporarily on a morals charge, which may have involved homosexuality. Naschy's direction may have been limited to exterior shots in France, where the story took place, although most of the work was done in Spain. Despite his work on the film, he left his name off the film's director credits.

In the double issue of VIDEOOZE magazine, Naschy said: "During the shooting I had very harsh confrontations with Ramon Barco over what he was doing with the film. I was at the point of getting rid of him and directing it myself. As I said, it was a film with a good script, but they crippled it." As it is, Naschy directed some of the film due to Barco's misfortune with the police.

The film has a familiar feel to other Spanish crime stories made around that time, and it is nice to see Naschy do a non-horror role that reminds one of the better A DRAGONFLY FOR EACH CORPSE. In that film he played an Italian inspector, and in this one he portrays a French journalist who is ready to use his hands and a gun to uncover the mystery. However, the film does not have a good reputation. That said, it has enough interest, particularly with Naschy in one of the lead roles, that an official and English-subtitled version should be released.



Born in Cuba, director Ramon Barco made three films before winding up mysteriously dead in a New York subway tunnel.



Partial plot summary. Transated into English by Mirek:

Gerard is a well-known journalist who works for a Paris newspaper. One early morning, he receives news that Daniel, his best friend, has been killed. The case is extremely mysterious, and there is no clue to the crime.

Gerard wants to find out the identity of the killer and starts a precarious search for the solution to the puzzle. A series of new crimes occur of people who are somehow related to Daniel Brindeau.

A police investigation brings no results.


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