D: Jose Luis Merino Boves
S: Jose Luis Merino Boves
P: Manuel Hernandez Sanjuan
M: Jose Luis Navarro
C: David Carpenter, Nadiuska, Paul Naschy, Alibe, Sergio Alberti, Jose Osal, Pierre Besari

Running time: 82 minutes

Available on bootleg, this film will probably never see any official release in the United States as it was not authorized by the legally-watchful Edgar Rice Burroughs estate.



Nadiuska, who proved she could act as well as look absolutely stunning in THE PEOPLE WHO OWN THE DARK, is the female lead in this no budget, presumably illegal Spanish Tarzan adventure. The Burroughs estate was probably too embarrassed to take legal action, that is if they ever were aware of this film's existence.

David Carpenter has to be the most pathetic Tarzan ever. He looks more like a Beach Boy in serious need of a beach. His method of swinging from jungle vines has to be seen to be believed. Our heroine journeys to the wilds of Africa in search of her husband, a downed pilot who, it turns out, was involved in arms smuggling. The exact locations remain obscure but director Boves does manage to provide a reasonably convincing tropical locale. There's even a cave/grotto where the black queen of a warrior tribe is guarded by an elite unit. An erotic element is introduced when the pilot attempts to seduce her. Big mistake. The queen quickly assumes her dominatrix persona and the captive is set for torture and eventual execution. Time is running out for Nadiuska. She contacts an experienced guide (Naschy) who takes on the job but turns out to have an explosive temper, on top of being ruthless and greedy. When Tarzan shows up the men fight over our heroine and...well, you can guess the rest.

Naschy appears to having fun playing the Great White Hunter and he casts a moody macho shadow over the proceedings. Poor Nadiuska has little more to do than be a resourceful bimbo. The romance which blossoms between her and Zan proves to be a washout. The final confrontation between the hunter, the pilot, Tarzan and the tribe is suspensefully staged but it's not really worth slogging through this pointless film to get there. The ridiculous ending has Tarzan carrying off our heroine into the bush. You wonder who will be wearing the pants in this relationship.

Pierre Besari, a familiar face from some of Naschy's early 70's horror projects, appears in the small role of a porter.

-- Reviewed by Robert Monell 2002