Director: Pedro Lazaga ("Luna de miel"); Julio Coll ("El Aniversario"); Jose Maria Forque ("Retrato de regino")
Producer: Pedro Maso PC/C.B. Films Produccion. S.A.
Script: Pedro Maso, Rafael J. Salvia
Music: Augusto Alguero
Cast: Alberto Closas, Julio Gutierrez Caba, Arturo Fernandez, Irian Eory, Jose L. Lopez Vazquez, Gabriella Pallota, Juango Menendez, Luchy Soto, Giancarlo del Duca, Antonio Garisa, Doris Coll, Alfredo Landa, Aida Power, Antonio Ferrandis, Jose Sazatornil "Saza", Ismael Merlo, M. Luisa Ponte, Manuel Alexandre, Margot Cottens, Manuel Collado, Rafael Aparico, Marcelo Arroltia-Jauregui, Sancho Gracia.

Filmed in Black and White.
Running time: 93 min.

Notes: A Spanish version of Italian comedy/dramas like YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW, this film is pleasant, humorous and, at moments, touching in its depiction of the amusing romps and tragedies surrounding widowhood. Naschy worked behind the scenes in this movie as an assistant to director Pedro Lazaga. Apparently, he also was an extra in a scene or two in Lazaga's segment ("Luna de miel"), though we've been unable to clearly identify him. We viewed the Spanish PAL version (Visual Ediciones, 1995, Madrid, Spain. PAL tape; DC 02 VHS), apparently the only video officially made of this chestnut. The print of this black and white film, though good-looking, is a tad on the darkish side (particularly in the charming cartoon title sequence), but this merely adds to its nostalgic charm.


Above: Cover of the Spanish PAL video release from Visual Ediciones