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La marca del hombre lobo/The Mark of the Wolfman/Frankenstein's Bloody Terror (1968)


Often called the Spanish Lon Chaney, Paul Naschy (born Jacinto Molina Alvarez in 1934) had a long and enduring career in cinema since first appearing as an extra in Nicolas Ray's KING OF KINGS (1960). His work in the fantastique genre began in 1968 with LA MARCA DEL HOMBRE LOBO (American title: FRANKENSTEIN'S BLOODY TERROR), a film he not only starred in, but scripted. Thereafter, Naschy portrayed several classic monsters of the screen--Count Dracula, Mr. Hyde, a mummy, a hunchback--as well as a host of villains real and imagined. His most popular characterization is the wolfman Waldemar Daninsky. The Daninsky series comprises eleven completed films. Some of Naschy's best films, EL CAMINANTE and EL HUERTO DEL FRANCES, remain relatively unknown, even among his international fan base.

Naschy frequently wrote the scripts for the films he appeared in, and with INQUISITION, made in 1976, he added directing to his impressive curriculum vitale. Later on, when the Spanish film industry was abandoning the fantastique genre, Naschy became a producer, hoping to keep the genre alive and viable. During this period, he branched out to make documentaries for Japanese television. As a result of his Japanese contacts, Naschy helmed several films that were the first Spanish-Japanese co-productions, including the epic wolfman film LA BESTIA Y LA ESPADA MAJICA.

In 1997, Naschy finally penned an honest, heartfelt and richly poetic autobiography, MEMORIAS DE UN HOMBRE LOBO (American edition, 2000: MEMOIRS OF A WOLFMAN).

Paul Naschy received numerous awards for his dedication and work in cinema. In 2000, Fangoria Magazine entered Naschy into its "Hall of Fame," an honor that is based on votes received from horror fans worldwide. After decades of denying the value of its native son, Spain finally acknowledged Naschy in 2001 with its most prestigious award, the Gold Medal in Fine Arts.

On November 30, 2009, Paul Naschy passed away from cancer, still enthused with projects he was working on or planning.

This website is a resource for the appreciation and study of Paul Naschy's work, and a homage to this remarkable, yet compellingly down-to-earth man.

THE MARK OF NASCHY site also continues its mission to spread the good word about Naschy and to assist Naschy projects worldwide. Thus far, we have helped with the DVD releases of Naschy films in Germany, England and America, and have played a central role in getting Naschy's autobiography published in the United States. We have helped magazines, conventions and film festivals regarding contacts and material, and facilitated Naschy's involvement with Hollywood productions.



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El gran amor de Conde Dracula/Dracula's Great Love (1972)

La orgia de los muertes/The Hanging Woman (1973)




Born September 6, 1934: Spain's legendary man of horror, actor, writer, producer, director--Paul Naschy. Once in a while, Naschy would send me copies of photos, writing on the side or on the back what the photo was about. This one he tagged as his first publicity photograph from 1967. He is always missed.


Previous News

October 2013

Major Classic Spanish Horror Film Festival in New York City to feature three Naschy films in 35mm!!!

Anthology Film Archives will be presenting The Golden Age of Spanish Horror Cinema, from October 30 to November 10. On the schedule are showings of:




ALL IN 35mm!!!

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for Naschy fans in the area (and even beyond) to see these classic Naschy films on the big screen in 35mm.

Go here for a complete schedule.



BMW (BoPaul Media Worldwide) is now the representative of the Victory Films catalog of high-definition Naschy films. The list includes those films which were released by BCI several years ago (NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF, HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB, HUMAN BEASTS, etc), as well as holdings that didn't get to see any hi-def or blu-ray U.S. release: A DRAGONFLY FOR EACH CORPSE, COUNT DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE, THE WEREWOLF AND THE YETI, HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE, THE DEVIL'S POSSESSED. BMW also has secured several films in the Jose Frade Productions catalog, one of which is Naschy's DR. JEKYLL AND THE WOLFMAN. Contact info can be found on the BMW website. Obviously, it would be fantastic to see these Naschy films released in blu-ray editions (only NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF and VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES attained that honor when BCI was releasing the Victory catalog), as well as high definition DVD versions of releases either out of print or never released in authoritative versions from original elements. According to a BMW press release, HUMAN BEASTS and HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE have already been sold to Medallion Media in Japan for hi-def releases in that country.



O APOSTOLO was released, finally, in Spain in November. The stop-motion animated feature marks the last movie work of Naschy, who supplied the voice for the "archpriest" before he passed away in 2009. The poster above contains the image of Naschy's character.

Below, Paul's son Sergio holds a figurine of the character at the premiere of the film.

Foreign animated features have difficulty in getting distribution in the United States, but should the film receive awards (and, in particular, an Academy Award or nomination), we may very well see it on our shores, at least in art houses.



Thorsten Benzel's updated MUCHAS GRACIAS SENOR LOBO, greatly expanded with many new graphics and in FULL COLOR is available now! This stunning book is a must have for all Naschy fans, Spanish horror fans and horror film fans in general! Order here.


Just as Naschy is pumping up and working hard in the above clip, we too are working hard on this site, using Naschy Power as inspiration. We hope to complete this project in the near future.

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